We arrive to the Alcalá street and headed to the hotel where Fermin was giving the talk. The event was being held in one of the halls of the hotel, but we don’t know which one. He told us that it is the favorite hotel of one of the kings of Spain, Juan Carlos I.And to remember the number of the hall we must look at those who have a better memory than us.

We have searched for information about Juan Carlos I, and we have found the news that we can see in the image.

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    At the end of the conference, we went to a small meeting room where he began to tell us about his discoveries about the documents. They were 18th century ordinances, in which the King of Naples and Sicily, Charles III, limited the power of the Italian nobles in the kingdom and divested them of part of their wealth. In addition, the documents bore a modern stamp, that of the camorra: the Neapolitan mafia. Fermin told us that we should talk to Nico, a former Camorra infiltrator, who is protected here, we are meeting near the Gran Via.
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Hint 1
Look for a hotel near the street and watch it closely.
Hint 2
What does the news and some of the hotel have in common?
Hint 3
There are Elephants all over the facade of the building, count them to find out the number of the room.
The number of elephant heads on the façade is "18", the number of the room where we will find Fermín.