It turns out that Atatalanta and Hippomenes are a Greek couple living in a neighborhood in Madrid who are not very well off financially. They agreed to collaborate with us in exchange for a reduction of their sentence.

The shadow contacted them to offer them a large amount of money for posing as workers of the royal palace and the prado museum. They did not know her at all, nor did they see her face, she only sent them a message with the instructions they had to follow and an advance payment that convinced them. On the way out of the museum, they heard him talk on the phone and mention the bank of Spain, a gold chamber and that he was going to enter through the door that was not guarded 24 hours a day.

We spoke with the director of the bank, and he told us that the bank had stored gold coins from different periods, which are priceless: doubloons, ducats, maravedis… But that chamber was impossible to steal, and that all the doors have guards 24 hours a day.

Maybe the shadow was referring to another type of guards, what number is it?

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    Despite our warnings, that same night The Shadow managed to enter the bank and steal the gold coins. Through which door did he enter? Through number 29... We could do no more, in the meantime we have arranged to meet Fermin at a hotel where he is giving a talk, near the Alcalá street
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Hint 1
We recommend that you take a walk around the building and look at the doors.
Hint 2
What other types of guards might be the ones who are always at the gates?
Hint 3
The guards are the faces on the sides of all the doors in the building, well, all but one.
In the door of number "29" on Madrazo street, there are no faces on the sides.