Indeed, history repeats itself, in the middle of the night, a shadow manages to sneak into the Prado Museum. Without being seen either at the exit or at the entrance, but this time it was able to take something with it: the portrait of Charles III, painted in 1765 by Mengs.

Talking to Fernando, we discovered that this time the shadow was not so careful. One of the museum’s hidden cameras was able to capture the entrance of 1 suspicious person through a back door of the museum. The curious thing is that the door is opened by a person also dressed in black, who was already inside.

Now we know how the shadow works, he has an accomplice or accomplices, because the image of the recording is not good, but the audio is good, and the voice of the shadow can be heard:

What happened Atalanta? You took too long to open the door, we don’t have much time! I hope the other one is ready on the way out. You should be the ones to help me, I shouldn’t be pulling the cart.

We have a clue! The shadow is a woman and she has two assistants, one of them is called atalanta and the other one must be a boy, but we haven’t seen him on the cameras. What’s his name?

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    Atalanta and Hipómenes were his assistants, not very difficult names to find in the registry. Fernando has been in charge of finding and interrogating them, and they have given us clues to the next movement: Banco de España.
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Hint 1
Heed the words of "The Shadow" and look around the walkway.
Hint 2
We know that "La Sombra" is a woman, she has two assistants and also says that she does not have to pull the cart herself.... Are you familiar with any carts with any women on the ride?
Hint 3
The key is in the Cibeles statue, look in the Madrid route for the explanation to find the missing name.
The lions pulling the Cibeles cart are called Atalanta and "hipomenes", that is the name of the other accomplice of the robbery.