Our research progress seems to depend on documents written in Italian, so we hope that Fermin will help us decipher them. He is a professor of history at the University Carlos III, he was teaching at the University of Naples and when he returned the subject of his thesis was the life of King Carlos III from Naples to Madrid. We think he could be our man for the case, although his political facet, as a congressional deputy, means that he has very little time to see us.

The day we meet Fermin coincides with one of the plenary sessions of the congress. The door is full of journalists, so it is impossible to go unnoticed and meet him. He has told us to leave the USB with the texts in a nearby place, so that he can pick it up on the way out. We must leave it in a rolled up piece of paper and it will be safe because a released lion protects it.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We had just received a call from Fermín, he had picked up the USB of the statue of Miguel de Cervantes and was about to investigate, when we received a whatsapp from Fernando: Turn on the TV! - No sooner had we turned it on than a breaking news, the shadow has attacked again, this time in the Prado Museum. The next day we went to the promenade to see what had happened..
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Hint 1
The lion that will protect the USB is not one of the 2 lions on the door of the congress.
Hint 2
As there will be a lot of people at the door, the place is a bit far from the congress.
Hint 3
The place where you have to leave the USB already has a rolled up paper and is located in the square in front of the congress. The released lion is a plaque with a lion coming out of a cage.
We will leave the USB flash drive at the statue of "miguel de cervantes" that we can see in the square in front of the congress.