In the evening we were at the hotel going through the videos and old documents, trying to get more information about the mysterious shadow. The documents we could not understand very well, because they were worn and written in Italian. The video was an old black and white documentary that talked about the reign of Charles III in Naples, but it was incomplete. What the video did say was that the arrival of Charles III from the kingdom of Naples coincided with the last years of construction of the royal post house. It seems that the new king made changes in the building to create a documentary archive of his reign in Italy.

For that we are in the Puerta del Sol, inside there is a small archive with old documents that may be the one referred to in the video, maybe we can find interesting information about Carlos III. Reaching it would not be easy, Fernando has not been able to get us accreditation to enter the building. But as he is a resourceful man, he has passed us a contact, José Gonzalez, one of the security guards he met on vacation in a bar in Jerez, he would take us to the archive and cover for us.

As he is always on the move, we should ask for him at the reception, but without arousing suspicion, since the shadow entered the royal palace, security has increased a lot and anyone can be suspicious. We must pretend to be his relatives who are looking for him.

How can we call Jose to let us in?

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Hint 1
Maybe something from the plaza will give us an idea of how we might be related to José.
Hint 2
His surname: Gracía and its origin. Jerez are very important
Hint 3
Remember that people named José are also called Pepe.
Language aclaration
From the mythical sign at the Puerta del Sol we got the idea of calling José our "tio pepe" to let us in.