The police station is located in the Plaza Santa Ana, in the heart of the neighborhood of the letters. When we entered we asked for Fernando’s office, we had arranged to meet him to show him the information from the cell phone, which we had on a USB. To our surprise, a policeman told us that Fernando had just left for an emergency, but he had given us permission to enter his office and make a copy of the USB data on the computer.

 What we didn’t have was the password to the computer, the policeman didn’t know it either. But he told us to open the drawer of the bedside table, because that’s where he used to keep the password in case he forgot it.

On his desktop wallpaper was the following poem:

Hear, my son, the silence.

It is an undulating silence,

a silence,

where valleys and echoes slip

and that inclines the foreheads

to the ground.

Federico García Lorca

The bad thing is that the password was encoded on a piece of paper, we must decode it:

4-6 2-2      5-1 7-10 3-2 9-3 6-11 8-1 2-1

 To help us, he told us that we should look with a bird’s eye view, observe from the silence and remember the neighborhood we are in. And there were some examples, we discovered that each coordinate of 2 numbers is a letter:



_  _     _  _  _  _  _  _  _

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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Hint 1
The first step in decoding the password is to find the ideal location of to see like a bird. Are there any birds in the square? The poem gives a clue
Hint 2
Once we find the statue of Federico García Lorca, we must stand in front of it looking in the direction in which the dove in his hands is looking, look closely at the Spanish theater.
Hint 3
To discover each letter, there are 2 numbers, and on the façade of the Spanish theater are different Spanish artists. The first number is the position of the person, counting from left to right, and the second number is the position of the letter in his name. For example: 1-1= G because the first one is García Lorca, and the first letter of his name is G. Or 4-2=0, because the fourth artist is Zorrilla and the second letter is O.
"la barraca" is the password we got from deciphering the different letters with the method we explained in clue 3.