When we arrived at the hotel, the receptionist told us that, due to a computer error, they had lost the reservations of the last few days, and he did not know which room we had assigned. The poor guy had just started working and was very overwhelmed, he told us that the hotel concierge could help us, he has been working there since the 60’s, he is a very constant man in his work. We will recognize him because he is dressed smartly, with a hat, a jacket and boots, always holding on to his co-worker. If we find him, he will show us the room number we have.

At the reception I noticed the signs on the doors of the rooms, I took some pictures of them.


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    We entered room 102, left the suitcases and started copying the information from the cell phone to the laptop. Inside there was a video and different photos of old documents. We called Commissioner Fernando to show him the information and he told us to go see him at the police station, near Plaza Santa Ana.
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Hint 1
The first step is to find the janitor, so look around the square for someone who matches that description and is very, very quiet.
Hint 2
The janitor is the statue of the street sweeper in the square, the receptionist tells us that we will find out our room number from him.
Hint 3
To guess the room number, look at the pictures of the room door numbers. Don't they resemble something on the statue's clothing?
On the sweeper's coat we can see the same pattern as on the room doors, with one button on the left and two on the right, this makes the room "102".