We arrived at the Royal Palace and everything was ready to catch Margheritta, we had the information we were missing, he was able to analyze the palace from the inside while he was doing the visits with his guide accreditation. He was seen entering the museum this afternoon, in a great hurry, we believe that is where he has hidden what he has stolen. 

She is still inside, when the police were about to go in to get her, the police radios picked up a strange call, it was Margheritta talking to a contact, saying that she had everything ready to go back to Naples. She had left the merchandise ready to send it along with other items to be sent to the national archaeological museum in Naples, so that it would go unnoticed.

 She was going to fly back that same night and they were to pick him up at a place near the palace. To find him, she would have to go to 850 and look for two legs, two arms and three heads.

If we find the meeting place, we will be able to catch Margheritta and solve the case.

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Hint 1
Looking for a sculpture with two legs, two arms and three heads?
Hint 2
Come to Plaza de Oriente
Hint 3
Among all the statues look for one of the year 850 and that matches the description.
You will find Margheritta at the statue of Ramiro 1 in the Piazza d'Oriente, next to the Royal Palace.

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