In Plaza España we met with Commissioner Fernando to update him on our investigation, which was gradually bringing to light very interesting information about the case: we know that “La Sombra” is a woman, she has stolen a portrait of Charles III and a camera full of ancient coins, she belongs to the Neapolitan Camorra. We believe that the latter has for many years had a conflict with King Charles III because he limited his power during his reign in Naples.

The pieces of the puzzle are being completed, but we still need to know who is “The Shadow”, maybe we will find the solution in the safe house of the Camorra delegation in Madrid. Contrary to what we thought, Nico told us that it is not in an apartment, abandoned, on the outskirts, it is in the penthouse of one of the most luxurious buildings in this square.

Fernando needs to know what floor the penthouse is on in order to organize the police to raid the apartment. We don’t know exactly which building it is, but according to tradition, the Camorra is a very proud mafia, and always marks everything as we saw in the USB documents.

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Hint 1
The first step is to find the building, how can we recognize it?
Hint 2
Nico says that La Camorra marks everything, how is the Camorra stamp that we have seen in some of the previous points?
Hint 3
In the previous point there is a picture of the seal of La Camorra, with a rudder, find a building that has a rudder somewhere and count its floors.
At the intersection of Gran Via and Calle de los Reyes, there is a building with a "14" floors at the top.