When we arrived at the airport, a driver was waiting for us with a sign “La Brújula de Fawcett”, he told us that he was sent by the police and would take us to the hotel. But, as we got into the car, there was a change of plans, and we did not have time to stop by the hotel, Fernando, the police commissioner wanted to see us as soon as possible, in the Plaza Mayor.

Upon arrival, Fernando didn’t waste time with formalities, he gave us the cell phone they found in the throne room and explained the situation:

“After going through the whole Palace, we found no clue as to who that mysterious shadow is, nor what interests he has. The only thing we found was this cell phone, but to access the files we need a password. In the cell phone there is a note with a text and some numbers that we have discovered that they are coordinates. More specifically those of this square, but after many attempts, we have not managed to decipher the code to access the files on the mobile. This is the only information we have for now, and everything depends on deciphering it, to see if you can get something clear.”

That said, he got a call from the police station, said goodbye and ran off, leaving us the phone and the note. The phone asked for a 4-digit password, which we assume is a numerical code, and the note read as follows:

“Spaniards have always believed themselves superior to others, an attitude they have maintained throughout their sad history. Especially King Carlos III, whose past we have not forgotten. It is time for justice to be done and for us to recover what belongs to us. Remember:

The king believed that no one was at his level, He was above all people, no matter their trade: farmers, farmers, knifemakers, artisans … not even saints like St. Michael, were at his level. That is why to remember the password you must count the levels that separate San Miguel from the king.

_ _ _ _

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We entered the code and managed to unlock the phone, but when we started to browse through his files... it turned off. So many attempts had been made by the police, they used up the battery. Luckily it's an iPhone like mine, and I have the charger on me. We head to the hotel, in the Plaza Jacinto Benavente, to charge it and study it further.
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Hint 1
Pay attention to what the note says, it tells you what to look for and where.
Hint 2
When the note says levels, it refers to steps and you have to count them, are there stairs in this square?
Hint 3
The Cuchilleros trade in the note gives you a clue as to where those stairs might be.
The mobile code is "0033" the number of steps in the stairway that goes from San Miguel street to Plaza Mayor through the Arco de Cuchilleros.