The operation of the game is very simple, on the map there are 11 zones marked and each of them contains a challenge that you must solve, but they are out of order, that’s why they all have the number 1.

To start the game you have to read the introduction below, which will indicate the first zone to visit. In each zone there is a challenge that you have to solve, at the end of the explanation there is a blank space where you can write the answer. If it is correct, a text will appear indicating the next zone. It is important to write the answer in lower case and without accent, as well as to do the tests in order.

To solve the challenges and find the areas you only need the information available in the app and information on the street: monuments, inscriptions, statues… The clues can be numbers or texts, they must be without accents or capital letters.

We hope you enjoy it.

Let’s start:

La Brújula de Fawcet – Investigation agency.

     We are in Madrid, one of the most important capitals in the world, a cosmopolitan city, with a great mix of cultures, with a lot of history and also a constant hustle and bustle. In the midst of this endless stress that the city lives, a piece of news sets off the alarms, never better said, this early morning, someone has broken into the royal palace. It is not known how he entered or how he left, the cameras could only capture a “shadow”, a black silhouette that, without resistance, walked throughout the palace, reaching the throne room.

Once inside, when the alarms sounded, the silhouette disappeared into the shadows, the cameras were unable to capture where it escaped. The next morning the police inspected every inch of the royal palace, in search of a clue to discover how he entered and left, and any fingerprints to know the identity of that mysterious shadow… They only found a cell phone that he dropped on the run, and had no prints.

It was then when we received the call to collaborate with the police in the investigation of the case, in the agency “Fawcett’s Compass”, we are experts in these strange cases.

Without a second’s hesitation, we took the first flight to Madrid to begin our investigation as soon as possible, in the Plaza Mayor.