He who takes revenge outside the law, falls into the hands of Somke n Sons, boys, that’s our saying. The poisoner was close, so close that we already knew all about him, his motives and finally his name. The police files shed light on the safe houses he used in the city and a note intended for his family and kept with extreme zeal in one of those he frequently used finally gave us the last clue we needed.

We opened the envelope and the last enigma appeared before us. It indicated his whereabouts, but, to avoid capture, the poisoner had encrypted the message. It contained only addition, multiplication and other mathematical operations. They were written on a torn-out book page and explained some rules related to a game….

We were already on the board and ours was the last roll… It was time to solve the mystery and bring the poisoner to justice.

The operations are:





And the back of the paper contained some instructions that we can see in the images.

Challenge Key


*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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Hint 1
Solve the mathematical operations
Hint 2
The results (5) (3) (5) (6) and the game of the goose have a relation
Hint 3
Remember the rules of the goose game: from goose to goose and from bridge to bridge.
The numbers we get from the operations are actually dice rolls, and we will have to play with those rolls to get to "estella" the place where the poisoner is hiding. When you fall on a goose you have to advance to the next one and on a bridge you have to go back.

We hope you enjoyed the game

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