Little by little we were learning more about the poisoner and his connection to the mayor. Newspaper clippings from the newspaper library and our visit to the Bodega Zoo have turned our investigation and the story upside down. Apparently the mayor’s family and our poisoner’s family have been fighting and hating each other bitterly for decades.

Our criminal’s family owned an old tobacco factory that was in Logroño for a long time. And in the press clippings of the forties, the family of the alderman was accused of having set fire to the factory to force its sale and closure. This was achieved, by the way, and all this under violent threats against the family of the poisoner.

Well guys, we already know where this enmity between the two comes from and the family business that led to the exile of our protagonist and his subsequent attempt at revenge. But an unforeseen obstacle has prevented us from moving forward.

All the files related to the poisoner’s family burned with the building. And we need names. But the fire couldn’t take everything, something tells me that if we observe the area well, without leaving any stone unturned, we will discover the family name…

Let’s get to work.

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    The investigation continues at Santiago Church
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Hint 1
The poisoner's family owned an old tobacco factory
Hint 2
Are there any tobacco plant remnants near the parliament?
Hint 3
No stone (or brick) should be left unturned.
On the bricks with which the chimney behind the parliament is made, we can read "mugica" and co.