We already know his place of birth, but, while our bloodhounds are at work sifting through the newspaper archives and the records of the town hall, we have learned that, in order to poison the mayor’s budget, our delinquent infiltrated the Zoo warehouse. And this, my dear sleuths, is not easy.

The winery, which happens to be the most prestigious in Logroño, works in a secret way. They take care of the details so much, that from the ingredients with which they make their wine to the location of the winery and the files they contain are a mystery. Perhaps something there will reveal more about the poisoner.

On the other hand, only a small group of men work in these facilities and we have been able to find one of them who has flatly refused to reveal the place for fear of being fired… but, and always for a good sum of money, he has given us a clue to discover the place; a letter with a strange drawing and a name in large letters, which I attach, and where we can read: RUAVIEJA.

Could it be a map, or maybe something else? That letter is the key to find the winery and to investigate in its archives. Let’s get to work, guys.

Challenge Key

___ ________

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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Hint 1
The letter is the key to finding the right wine cellar.
Hint 2
Is it a map or is it something else?
Hint 3
Try to find a drawing like the one on the card on one of the doors of the buildings.
On the door of the "san gregorio" fretwork, we can see the drawing of the letter