Several very revealing pieces of information are gradually coming to light. When the book fell into our hands and knowing where it got its inspiration, I went to the bookstore where we found the old volume. My surprise was great when the old bookseller, with a stooped appearance and round glasses, told me about our poisoner. Few details escaped him except the name. He told me that before the assassination attempt, he had stopped by to pick up some similar tomes and that he certainly possessed a strange accent.

Curious, our dear freedman asked him for his name, but the poisoner did not want to reveal it. He did tell him, however, that he came from a family that had been forced to emigrate to another country some time ago and that his father had enjoyed some fame in Logroño due to his business dealings.

He did not tell him the place, but he did let it slip that from time to time, to remember his homeland, he crossed the stone bridge thinking of his country… what country? asked the bookseller. Then our poisoner asked for three books and a scroll, and when the bookseller turned to ask him such a strange question, our delinquent had disappeared without a trace…

Before leaving, he told him that from time to time we must be humble and stop looking at our world from above to look at it from below.

The clues he gave to our old friend may help us to know his birthplace and thus narrow the circle.

Challenge key


*The key must be written in spanish, in lower case and without accent.

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    Investigation continues in Ruavieja Street
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Hint 1
The solution may be in or around the stone bridge.
hint 2
Suspect went to buy 3 books and a scroll
hint 3
To solve the riddle, you must look at the world from the face of the column that has three figures with a book and one with a scroll.
If we stand on the face of the column with 3 statues holding a book and one with a scroll and look at the ball of the world, we can read "alemania" at the top.