As we now know, the poison needed natural ingredients, but not all of them were found in the forest, since a strange plant was needed, of which there are few specimens left in this area, and one of them was in the museum of Logroño. I set out to investigate how he managed to get hold of it and I had access to the security cameras of the museum where it was kept to find out. The bewilderment was total when, from the door to the room where the plant was located, our criminal was sliding quietly without haste and almost passing over the security guards who, when they saw him, stood as if it were witchcraft, almost in stone.

When I interviewed them, I was able to discover that they do not remember anything strange about that day, and there are 4 of them! The poisoner may have bribed one, but it is unlikely that he could have bribed them all. Our criminal must have used another technique, almost magical, I would say, to have stolen it without complications.

Weeks earlier, he was seen walking around the science house, perhaps here we will find that he used to outwit the guards. Let’s investigate to see what we can find.

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Hint 1
The poisoner slipped into the museum without resistance, how could he do that?
Hint 2
Perhaps he was inspired by some of the objects around the science house.
Hint 3
The guards seemed to be hypnotized.
One of the experiments that can be seen outside the science house is the "disco giratorio", which it seems can be used to hypnotize. This technique was used by the poisoner to overcome the watchers.