Indeed, the wine prepared for the mayor was to die for. And thank goodness we didn’t have to go to the other world to find out about it. Those who did get down to work to analyze it were the guys from our laboratory. Their results arrived early yesterday morning and with a nice glass of bottled water I took a look at them. Somewhat surprised, our experts tell us that this poison, colorless and without any trace of odor, is made in a completely natural way… And ancient! With ingredients that can only be found in the nearby forests.

This morning I sent a couple of agents to rummage through old bookstores in search of a clue that could put us on the way and, as always, soon, I had it on the table. It is an old book, almost eaten by mice, in which you can barely read its enigmatic name: sorgina.

I feel we are on the right track, from this mysterious compendium our poisoner got his inspiration to commit the crime. It’s time to investigate. who would the poisoner get this recipe from?

Maybe the translator’s screenshot will help us.

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    Investigation continues at the Casa de las Ciencias
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Translation support:

Bruja – Witch


Hint 1
The book is key to find the origin of the poison, the link may be useful.
Hint 2
Were there any events in this area related to witches?
Pista 3
Look for information about "brujas" (witches) in the side streets of the cathedral.
In Portales Street, on one of the sides of the cathedral, there is a plaque that recalls the act of faith of the witches of "Zugarramurdi" from whom the poisoner took the recipe