Having discovered how the end of the Logroño’s mayor was going to be, our investigation now revolves around the motives that could have led this (for the moment) mysterious poisoner to embark on such a risky enterprise. Our inquiries point to a personal vendetta. The motives? That’s what we have come to look for on this walk since a police informant, warning us that above all we should be discreet and quiet so as not to wake the sleeping beast and never lose sight of the big picture in the case.

Let’s search this place for something related to the motive of the case.


Challenge Key


*The key must be written in Spanish, in lower case and without accent.

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    The investigation continues at the Cathedral
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Hint 1
An overview or the vision of a general?
Hint 2
It is important not to make noise, because the solution is close to a sleeping beast.
The solution is guarded by one of the lions of the statue of Espartero.
On one of the lions under the statue of Espartero, if we follow the general's gaze, the word "heroism" is written underneath. The poisoner tried to poison the mayor as a heroic act, why is it, some kind of revenge?