The news hit the front page of all the newspapers a few months ago. An old sailor, whom few believed, and no one trusted, told the press that he heard from his grandfather, one of the last known locations of the treasure of Loco Aguirre… Our investigations indicated that perhaps this old sea dog knew more than he seemed to. And after contacting him in one of the many taverns of San Sebastian, he told us what he knew.

Between gulps of Txacoli he told us that his grandfather, a tireless gold digger, after long years of empty searching and already consumed by old age, came across the lost memories of the admiral, finding among them one of the most interesting clues as to his whereabouts…

-I never believed him, but those days he never stopped talking about the town hall, constantly repeating a supposed phrase of Admiral Oquendo that he had discovered and which went like this:

Like the Cantabrian Sea and the ocean, the place, though small is a great battlefield where a whole army fits. There the horses do not ride white on the waves of the sea nor the kings would ever dare to move away from their queen on the high seas, there the soldiers, at a slow pace, slowly go to the fight.

It seems that something related to the whereabouts of the treasure could be hidden somewhere near the town hall, but what will it be, and will Oquendo’s phrase have anything to do with it?

We later said goodbye to that old ocean-tanned sailor and walked to this place to try to get him out of doubt. It was time to see what we could find out.

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    Investigation continues at St. Vincent's church
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Hint 1
The clue speaks of a battlefield
Hint 2
Oquendo's phrase refers to a very peculiar army
Hint 3
The "army" of this game includes kings, queens, horses...
Near the town hall we can see several stone "chess" boards.