There they were, full of dust, the memoirs of Admiral Oquendo. Gustav had been footnoting everything important and with small sheets of paper between the folds of the manuscript, he had deciphered a kind of enigma that led to the treasure. Right at the end of the work, on a quarto, the following read:

“Admiral Oquendo came across the treasure of Lope el Loco in one of his many battles against the English corsairs. That fabulous booty consisted of nothing more nor less than more than fifteen chests full of gold and silver coins from the mythical El Dorado, which Aguirre took from the legendary city before losing his mind completely, who knows if he was cursed by the natives.

When it fell into the admiral’s hands, upon finding out where it came from and who its owner was, he did not hesitate for a moment to take it away from himself. He believed it to be cursed and now, almost pursued by non-existent shadows, and full of pirate stories in his head, I too am beginning to think like him? I will bury the small part I have with the rest and burn these notes.

If I am right, and according to Oquendo, the rest of the treasure is in a tunnel dug somewhere, as pirate tradition dictates, under a flag. It is protected by a strange and huge lettered padlock.

We will have to find that flag and visit it, in order to find the treasure.

My research on the memoirs concluded the following; the key to open it must be something related to his return from his voyages, and, according to his words, with something that made his eyes happy and gave him, after crossing the ocean, calm on his return… The combination that would open the padlock would undoubtedly be what he called his home… and it can be appreciated from this viewpoint in San Sebastian”.

It also included this map which may be helpful:


Gustav never got to burn these notes, but who knows if he ever collected the gold. There was only one way to find out. If we discovered the treasure, we would become part of its legendary history and the time had come to gather up the sails of our adventure, set anchor on this voyage and with that strange map in our hands, try to finally shed light on the mystery of the tyrant Lope, the great Admiral Oquendo and the mythical treasure of El Dorado.

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*The key must be written in spanish, in lower case and without accent.

  • ¬°Respuesta incorrecta! ¬°Respuesta correcta!
    We opened the lock and when we entered, at the bottom, we found the treasure of Lope de Aguirre El Loco. We have found it! the mystery has been solved
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Hint 1
To solve the test you must go to the place marked by the flag.
Hint 2
From the bastion we can discover more about what Oquendo called home.
Pista 3
Look at the map, and think about what Oquendo encountered when he reached the waters of San Sebastian.
From the viewpoint of the bastion, we can see the "Cantabrico" sea, the one that welcomed Admiral Oquendo when he returned home from his travels. We can see the sea that bathes San Sebastian on the map.

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