In the cathedral, in a dark alcove behind an ancient relic rested an envelope tucked in the darkness of one of the most inaccessible places of the temple. Once the envelope was opened, another gold doubloon and a small folded note fell into our hands in which, without much ado, Gustav spoke to the Paris antique dealer, who by the way never came to pick up the mail, about an incredible find. In quick letters, that French art dealer had written:

Now I know, the chest found with Aguirre’s gold is but a very small part of the whole treasure, hidden and waiting for us somewhere in San Sebastian. I have to go to a nearby town to investigate its whereabouts in Oquendo’s memoirs, since the Admiral’s manuscript can be found in one of his old libraries. If I am right, we will be immensely rich. I will keep for the moment and for safety the name of the town where I will wait for you. If you want to find me, take a boat from the wharf, in what direction? It is enough to look through the eyes of the port first.

What would be the name of such an enigmatic town?

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    Research continues at the breakwater
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Approach the wharf to look for clues
hint 2
You must look through the "eyes" of the port.
Hint 3
The port eyes are the holes or portholes in the port fences.
Looking through one of the portholes towards the wharf, we can read the name "orio".