After discovering the code name of the operation, we headed back to the hotel to open the safe at the front desk. It worked. An old leather suitcase was about to bring us one step closer to Aguirre and Oquendo’s treasure.

The papers it contained were nothing more than the typed copy of a letter Gustav sent to Paris, specifically to an antique dealer and accomplice of his. In it he told him of the supposed discovery and begged him to take a train immediately to Spain to appraise the find. If this was, as Gustav hoped, the lost treasure of El Dorado, they would have to be very careful.

In order to take all possible precautions and avoid the curse, the French art thief had left hidden among the stones of one of the most important religious monuments of San Sebastian, more information related to the case. The enigma and the key to find them sent to the Paris antique dealer, read as follows:

 My dear Louis, when you arrive in the city, just below one of the Jewels of Donostia, you have to visit your heavenly mother, and with her sacred guidance, you will have to look beyond everything under your nose and follow your spirit, only then will you be able to see the place where the treasure is hidden.

We were getting closer and closer, it was time to observe everything carefully and like good sailors eager for riches, climb the mast to look out over the horizon.

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*The key must be written in English, all lowercase and without accent.

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Hint 1
It is important the placement
Hint 2
Place yourself in front of the virgin at the door and under the "Spirit".
Hint 3
Follow the gaze of the spirit (the bird), and look beyond what is right under your nose to discover the hiding place of the treasure.
From this location, we can see the "cathedral" of San Sebastian.