My grandfather disappeared with that cursed treasure and later, a phone call warned my family not to look for him if we wanted to live in peace. These were some of the words of Lucía, the granddaughter of that fireman, after our interview.

She also explained that it all started when her grandfather tried to mis-sell that treasure because, soon after, a strange character contacted him. His grandmother also told him that the man had a peculiar accent and that before disappearing without a trace, the enigmatic character and his grandfather met at the Hotel Maria Cristina.

Only a small letter, thrown in the mailbox shortly before the meeting, revealed something of the matter:

Our appointment will take place at the Hotel Maria Cristina at 2:07 pm. To find out the number of the room, you only have to remember how many cannons Oquendo’s ship was defended with when the English corsairs tried to snatch the treasure and everything ended in a shipwreck…

It was time to discover this mysterious room.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    Research continues at Zurriola beach
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Hint 1
Oquendo is very present in the hotel's surroundings.
Hint 2
There is a monument to Admiral Oquendo to the right of the hotel, there may be more information there.
Hint 3
Search for the cannons of a ship that is wrecking
On the back of the monument, we can see a plaque in relief with a shipwreck with "21" cannons protruding from it.