It was indeed a fireman who, once the market fire was extinguished, had a stroke of luck when he found a small hiding place, uncovered, with the treasure inside. After investigating the body’s records and finding his name, the next step has been to try to contact one of his relatives, but what we have found is absolute silence and an almost cursed fear.

After many attempts, one of them has agreed to meet with us, but far from making it easy for us, he will only talk if we tell him a password that we will find in this square. Our last contact with him was this e-mail.

He found it on January 21st and since then we have lived in absolute anonymity, in the shadows. If you want to talk about why, go to Guipuzcoa, look for the temple that reveals the secrets of time and winds and once there, look up, let the stars guide you and tell me that you can read… Only then you will begin to understand.

We are absolutely sure that you meant something related to this square. Your question awaits an answer if we are to continue the investigation and contact this strange character.

Do not lose sight of any detail.

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*The key must be written in Spanish, all lowercase and without accents.

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    The investigation continues at the Maria Cristina Hotel
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Hint 1
Do any of the objects in the square serve to measure the weather and winds?
Hint 2
The barometer in the square contains the solution
Hint 3
Look for January 21 and raise your head to the constellations of stars.
on the barometer, several dates are marked, if we place ourselves in front of the 21st of January, and raise our head, we can read the constellation of "el dragon".