Indeed, under that ancient baptismal font… there was absolutely nothing. Nothing, except two coins; an old Peseta from the times of Alfonso XIII and another one twice as big, made of gold and shining intimidatingly with an enigmatic and threatening sculpted dragon.

This revealed two things. The first, that the legend of El Dorado was probably true and the second, that this place was one of the sites of the treasure and that someone in the first decades of the 20th century had stolen it or changed its location?

These two inquiries led us to investigate in the archives of the library of San Sebastian and we discovered that, in one of the restorations of the temple, a certain architect took a strange chest from the area.

We also know that around the same time this man worked on the renovation of the brecha market and that this strange ancient chest was last seen there. This was one of his last commissions… Unfinished, by the way, since the building burned to the ground while he was working inside… perhaps due to the curse of the gold of El Dorado?

Then the chest disappeared without a trace. Who knows, most likely during the extinguishing work someone found it and took it away, but who, and above all, in what year? Perhaps something, some souvenir or inscription in this area can give us the answer.

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    The investigation continues in the Gipuzkoa square.
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Hint 1
The treasure disappeared during a fire
Hint 2
Perhaps it was the firefighters who took the treasure away
Hint 3
The solution is found in some old photographs
In the old photographs on one of the side windows of the tupper, there are several old photographs, one of which shows the fire department in "1928".