The operation of the game is very simple, on the map there are 8 zones marked and each of them contains a test that you must solve, but they are out of order, so they all have the number 1.

To start the game you have to read the introduction below, which will indicate the first zone to visit. In each zone there is a test that you must solve, at the end of the explanation there is a blank space where you can write the answer. If it is correct, a text will appear indicating the next zone. It is important to write the answer in lower case and without accent, as well as to do the tests in order.

To solve the tests and find the areas you only need the information available in the app and information on the street: monuments, inscriptions, statues… The keys can be numbers or texts, they must be without accents or capital letters.

We hope you enjoy it.

Let’s start:

La Brújula de Fawcett – Investigation Agency

Lope de Aguirre the madman, the tyrant, Aguirre the liberator, the traitor, the pirate, the conqueror? The legend of that Basque born in Oñate in the 16th century who crossed the whole of America for almost four years in search of the judge who had whipped him to take revenge (and got it), of the one who disowned the almighty Spanish empire declaring war and calling himself the liberator of Peru and of the one who dared to throw himself into the heart of the Amazon in search of the legendary treasure of El Dorado, had never found its end point.

The latter seemed to be a myth, a sailor’s legend, but now, that ancient mystery, at the hands of one of the most famous admirals of the Spanish golden age, the great Oquendo, has become a possible reality. It is believed that the admiral found Aguirre’s treasure, and hid it somewhere in San Sebastián…

Recent discoveries have put us back on the trail of Aguirre’s Golden Gold and everything points to it being somewhere in old Donostia. If it exists, we will find it and if finally it is only a legend, we will close a mystery that has been open for more than four long centuries.

Did El Dorado really exist? Did Aguirre the Mad find it? How did it end up in Oquendo’s hands? And over all this, a final disturbing question… Was it cursed?

It’s time to set sail, let the ocean wind help us and begin our investigation by heading for City Hall.