During the van’s escape, a map escaped through the open window. When the map was opened, 4 cities were marked: Sapporo, Sofia, Cadaques and Atapuerca. At first glance they have no connection between them. Besides our instinct tells us that they have not fled from Burgos, they had to hide somewhere in this city …

Let’s hope that seeing the city from another perspective will help us to find their hiding place and that the winds will guide our steps towards the right path, before Jean Paul runs away with the chest.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

The name must be written in spanish

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Hint 1
To solve the test you will need a panoramic view of the city.
Hint 2
Look at the castle viewpoint for the cities on the map.
Hint 3
Follow the direction marked by the cities on the compass rose until you reach the viewpoint plate.
The "iglesia de san lesmes" is the place that marks the direction of the compass rose.

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