The chest remained in its hiding place for centuries, Aurelio left a successor in charge of guarding the chest, and it was like this generation after generation. Until the 19th century, the date of this document, it relates that during the invasion of Burgos by the French invaders, the canon in charge decided to change the location of the chest, to avoid problems, since the French knew of its existence and were looking for it. He hid it somewhere in the church of San Esteban. This is the last document that has come down to us about the chest, so we assume that it is still there, but where?

On the back of the document there is a small note: In their last attack the French almost discovered the chest, they better not have known of its existence, I will continue to protect the treasure of El Cid even with my life. Year 1813

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hint 1
Where can we find the history of the church?
Hint 2
Take a look at the description that you can see in the monumental route
Hint 3
The French almost discovered it when they destroyed part of the church during a bombardment.
The French almost discovered the casket when they destroyed part of the "tower"