Before going to the cathedral we passed by the office of “La Brújula de Fawcett” to review the clues we had been getting, when suddenly the doorbell rang: When we opened the door there was no one there, only a mysterious envelope. When we opened it we found the documents about Bonifaz that Amin had found, and a note:

They can’t hold me so easily, Amin is always one step ahead and I hope with this you are too. I have to flee Burgos for a while, but lots of encouragement with the investigation.

He had escaped! Inside the envelope another old scroll, with the initials R.B and a signature. On the parchment it said that he had given the chest to one of the canons of the cathedral. Aurelio, an honest and just man who would protect the chest from thieves. Apparently the Dean of the cathedral was a greedy man, so the astute Aurelius decided to hide the chest in a place where it could not be easily found, in the surroundings of the cathedral. But as he was a conscientious man, every Monday he went to check its condition, for that he went out of one of the doors of the cathedral to get to his hiding place, which was in front of the only door that is always open.   

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    We entered the Palacio de Castilfalé, which coincides with the municipal archives of Burgos, where we found among its oldest archives another interesting document: Centuries later, the chest changed its hiding place, although it did not go very far, to the church of San Esteban.
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Hint 1
The door we are looking for is very small
Hint 2
It is carved in stone, near a larger door.
Hint 3
Look at the back of the cathedral, see if you can find it.
At the door of the cathedral in front of the "palacio de castilfale", we can see a small door sculpted in stone with an open door.