We got here as fast as we could, Amin called us saying he had been up all night decoding the scroll, but he could only translate a few pieces, they spoke of a conquistador’s treasure, a ship’s voyage and a sailor, but his name was erased. On the back was a city and a date: Seville 1248.

What would a sailor have to do with our chest? Amin could not explain much more because the call was cut short, but in the message he spoke of this arch, so the answer will be here, we will do whatever it takes to find it, even if we have to lift all the stones one by one.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

The name must be written in spanish

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Hint 1
Sometimes stones tell stories
Hint 2
Look for an engraving showing Seville and the year 1248.
Hint 3
Search inside the Arch
Inside the arch we can find a plaque about the conquest of Seville by "ramon bonifaz"