It is normal that we did not understand the scroll, it turns out that it is written in Arabic, and with the passing of time the lines have become blurred. We needed the help of an expert, the man in the library told us about Amin, a historian specializing in Al-Andalus, who lives in this area.

We called Amin on the phone and he seemed rushed and worried. He agreed to meet us at a place near this area at midnight, although he is not entirely clear about his exact location, he says:

Tonight we must be quiet, look for the bells that do not ring and the children do not run, they are always accompanied by their teachers. We are in danger, do not entertain yourselves with dances or parties.

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The answer is written in spanish

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Hint 1
The place does not have to be a square or a street, it can also be a monument.
Hint 2
The monument has bells
Hint 3
Looking for a statue of two people in festive attire
The statue of "tetines y danzante" in the Plaza de Alonso-Martinez is the meeting place.