Ernesto was reticent to tell us the reason for his escape, but before we left, he told us that we were in great danger as other people were after the chest and the scroll.

       Ernesto, again, was not very specific with his help and merely told us that the scroll was near this area. I Still remember the words Ernesto told us just before we left:

Finding the scroll will not be easy; that is why it has been lost for so many years. To access the place, you will have to find two keys, which over the years have remained immobile, keeping behind them a great amount of knowledge, which will help us with our mission.

       It sounds a bit crazy as if it was a product of fear and nerves. We couldn’t even ask him more about the keys or the scroll’s contents. After his words, he slammed the door shut. How do you expect us to find the place? This area is quite large, and finding two keys would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

The name must be written in spanish

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Hint 1
Keys are bigger than we imagined
Hint 2
They are carved in stone at the entrance of the site.
Hint 3
Try looking at the Plaza de San Juan
We can see 2 keys at the entrance of "la biblioteca" the library