We are still amazed by Ernesto’s sudden escape; I am anxious to know what explanation he will come up with.

We are in the Paseo del Espolón, but it is too big; there are a thousand places where he could have hidden. We sit down on a bench to think about where to start our search when a man with sunglasses and a newspaper sits down next to us; without looking up from his reading, he tells us:

Don’t be afraid; I am Ernesto’s friend. To find his hiding place, you will have to look for a child who has been lost for a long time but don’t worry because he doesn’t starve or get wet while he watches the time go by.

Then, he rolled up his newspaper and left without looking back, while we were perplexed thinking about his words. where is this child?

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Hint 1
Read carefully the words of Ernesto's friend
Hint 2
You should look for a statuette of a boy carrying an umbrella and an apple.
Hint 3
The child stands on a clock at the beginning of the Paseo del Espolón.
Near "la casa de los gigantillos" is the statuette of a boy with an apple and an umbrella over a clock.