Be discreet; we are in danger, and we cannot trust anyone. To be unnoticed, we meet in a bar near this square. It looks closed from the outside, but it is not. You will need a password to enter, which you will discover when you arrive.

       We arrived at the bar, and indeed this one had the door closed, its windows were covered, and there were no lights inside. Following Ernesto’s instructions, we tapped 3 times on the door, and soon after, a folded paper appeared under the door:

     ” It was the last conquest of the Cid in 1094, the place where he became a prince and where his end came. This end contains the key to your beginning.”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    Valencia was the password, the door opened but it was not Ernesto who was behind it but a woman, who told us that Ernesto had to escape, and hide near the Paseo del Espolón. Why did he escape? It is very strange
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Hint 1
The answer has to do with the history of the Cid.
Hint 2
You can find information about the Cid´s history in the monumental route of Burgos in the app.
Hint 3
What was the last conquest of the Cid in 1094?
"valencia" was the last conquest of the Cid, the place where he also died.