A dark night, a glass that breaks and an alarm that does not sound… It is incredible that with the surveillance that the relics of Navarra have, our thief could steal them without any modesty, someone had to throw a glove on him from inside the museum… We know that the restorer and his infiltrator, called the Doctor left encrypted messages hidden in a small notebook near here and that the code to reveal and translate those apparently indecipherable signs was based on a name.

When asked why they hid the messages and the key to solve the riddles there, in full view of everyone, he said with laughter: because nobody looks at that name and that notebook is too heavy to take with you!

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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    We will continue our research in the San Francisco plaza
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Hint 1
The answer does not have to be found in the church.
Hint 2
The name of the thief's insider is a big clue
Hint 3
how can a notebook weigh so much?
There is a statue dedicated to jose joaquin arazuri