The foreign man called himself Jean Paul and apparently he was also looking for the chest and had been following our steps from the beginning, when we entered the bar. Maybe that’s why Ernesto ran away?

We talked to him and he confirmed our theory. While he was waiting for us in the bar, he heard someone with a French accent trying to get in, but not knowing the password he wanted to force his way in. Ernesto escaped through the back door, aware that he was in danger. Since then he has been investigating Jean Paul, from the shadows, as he has been in hiding since our last meeting.

This investigation has borne fruit and has uncovered valuable information about Jean Paul and about the investigation that Amin was conducting as a result of the parchment. To avoid risks, Ernesto sent his brother Esteban to us with a message. He warned us that his brother is a dark man, with long hair, glasses and quite short, he is about 1.50 meters tall. In order for him to give us the message we must tell him a password. When we arrived at the square we saw him from afar, he kept walking from one side to the other, as we approached he said: That day in my daily walk I would have drowned. Will it have something to do with the password to receive the message?

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*The key must be written in lower case and without accent.

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Hint 1
Remember that Esteban is very short and we are looking for a date.
Hint 2
When would Esteban have drowned? It was a historic event in this square
Hint 3
Try going from Plaza Mayor to Paseo del Espolón in search of that date.
You can see the water marks of the floods that Burgos suffered. The highest occurred on "11 Junio 1874"