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Visit Cartagena with the help of your phone, follow the GPS routes in a walk while you listen to the stories and anecdotes hidden in its monuments.  Take advantage and take a break to try the local cuisine in the restaurants we recommend.

Tartessians, Iberians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Visigoths, Arabs and finally Christians have populated their lands. Eight different civilizations, eight ways of seeing the world that left their mark here, eight cities within one. Its port is an exceptional witness to the Mediterranean world, its theatre, the perfect setting for the evolution of more than twenty centuries of history and its streets, the soul and the artistic beat of the life that contemplates it. Cartagena holds as many surprises as it has been for years, you just have to let yourself go...

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Monumental Tour Cartagena

Route to visit the old town of Cartagena in a walk while you discover the history hidden in its monuments

What we can see on the Monumental Route of Cartagena

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